Free tools

Nothing is more worrying than getting the call about a network outage for your business. Do not wait until your customers call to complain that they can access services. When an outage happens, the clock is ticking to restore availability. The longer a network outage lasts, the more time it takes to resolve the issue and the more it costs in lost productivity, staff time, and attaining user satisfaction.

Network monitoring is something that every business should do to ensure their networks are secure and available. It is important to keep tabs on all network technology to catch issues early and get them fixed before they become service affecting. There is a huge range of network monitoring tools – both free and paid options – that businesses can choose from depending on the environment and budget. There are good free network admin tools that can be used effectively and at zero cost.

Website owners and network administrators can benefit immensely from the use of free network tools. The monitoring of network equipment 24/7 will ensure that problems are spotted and fixed in a timely manner. The tools will come in handy when designing a network, troubleshooting issues, diagnosing anomalies, and monitoring network environments. Without the right tools, spotting network problems would be difficult.

Just like a mechanic has a bag of tools, network admins need a reliable and robust complement of network tools. We have a wide range of tools critical for network management including network health, network mapping, downtime checking, bandwidth monitoring, alerting, dashboards, and more functions. We offer free network admin tools so that organizations are able to concentrate on their core business.

What Are the Advantages of Free Network Tools?

Network administrator tools the visibility required to stay ahead of network issues and prevent downtime. You will be getting important updates on the status of all network technology and availability.

Stay ahead of outages – Network monitoring helps to identify configuration issues, human errors, and other environmental factors that may cause network outages or downtime. You will have the visibility to stay ahead of issues and prevent their incidence
Easier Problem Solving – get to the bottom of network issues using network administrator tools and fix issues easily and faster to restore network availability and business continuity. The live network maps will point to the origin of a problem whereas status windows provide performance metrics to inform areas of improvement.
Better ROI – your in-house IT team may be faced with big workloads necessitating the use of free network admin tools for network monitoring. With the right tools, you will get immediate ROI by saving time and money in preventing network performance issues.
Identify Security Threats – network monitoring tools can help protect networks against intrusion and data breaches. The use of tools for network monitoring can act as your first level of security by identifying abnormal traffic spikes and unfamiliar devices.
Inform Network Growth – use of network admins tools helps to manage networks that are growing in complexity and technology innovation. These tools will help track network assets and performance to inform the need for an equipment upgrade. Historical network performance data will help evaluate business needs against existing assets and guide the investment in new technology. It may be easier to scale existing technology and if not possible, buy new technology and equipment based on factual data collected through network monitoring.

Free network tools may fall into three distinct categories including:

Commercial tools that are always free
Free open source tools
Tools that offer a free trial and have options to upgrade at cost

We offer commercial tools that are free and are designed to serve the needs of businesses. They are 100% and will not have nagging advertisements and other adware in the interface. You get all features similar to those of commercial tools such as network discovery, network monitoring, and alerting.

Our free tools will provide exactly what you need at no cost to your business. We guarantee that you will not be upgrading or needing to add extra features. Our tools are not the free limited-time trial versions that have the option to add support, monitoring, and other features at a cost. No need to try out our tools to see if they meet your network admin requirements. You will be happy with the effective, stable, and reliable function of all our network tools. Unlike other free tools that do not offer support, we offer support so that you are assured of effective monitoring of the network and maintaining uptime. We have a thriving community of users which ensures that you will also get answers and user-generated support to network management issues.

Open source tools are yet another of the free tools that can help businesses in network monitoring. These tools offer the flexibility to customize the tool according to your special needs and requirements. If you have some programming knowledge, you can customize the network admin software to meet your unique needs. One significant disadvantage of the open-source network admin tools is that they need significant investment in time and resources to get to scratch. The “free” solutions will end up not being actually free due to the resources required to customize them.

The Statlix comprehensive network monitoring tools will not be missing anything that you need. Use a combination of free tools to maintain network performance and uptime and to expand the abilities of your business in network monitoring and administration. Network availability and resulting customer satisfaction are critical to the success of a business.