Automated Website Availability Monitoring

Check website status with our automated website availability monitor tool to ensure users can access your website error-free and improve user experience.
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Automated Website Availability Monitoring

Your web visitors do not have all the time to stare at the monitor. Website availability is critical to the success of a business. Website availability or uptime refers to the ability of users to access and use a website or web service. A website availability monitor helps to let you know if your website is down way before your customers get to know.

It is practically impossible to have 100% website uptime over the long term. As a business, you must have an availability target/goal that you strive to reach and maintain over the long term. Possible causes of website downtime are:

Your database is down or slow
Network congestion
DNS problems
Issues with your hosting provider
Hacking incidents
Poor local internet connectivity

Keep in mind that planned maintenance is not considered downtime. Webmasters will routinely redirect users to a page that explains and apologizes for the outage. Users are instructed to try again a little later. Scheduled downtime should not mess up your uptime data. The Statlix monitoring tool has a maintenance period tab to stop and start website monitoring and alerting during planned maintenance.

Statlix Website Availability Checker

Our website availability checker is a tool that small businesses can use to ensure website availability at all times. Start availability monitoring today and enjoy a 14-day trial to get your website running and available.

The tool is highly trusted by system administrators for monitoring website availability tasks and is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and even professional bloggers. Website availability is reported as a percentage and recorded for a given period.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits for businesses using the Statlix tool to check website availability include verifying:

Response time
Specific content issues
Response size
Specific HTTP response codes
Service level agreements with users and providers

The online availability tool can help to identify when your site is down or malfunctioning. Total outages will block all your users and studies have indicated that only 91% of users will return to your site. Overall, frequent outages will affect your reputation and revenues.

Automated Website Availability Checks 24/7

Our availability monitoring tool brings all these benefits to small and medium-sized businesses by having their websites checked at 1-minute intervals and from different locations. Each checkpoint will assess for a successful response, track time, and create a report based on availability and response time.

With website availability monitoring, you are taking a proactive step in improving site performance. The process works as follows:

The server availability monitor sends a request to your website for content
The test server gets a response code to indicate website availability
Another test server in a different location makes a request 60 seconds later to test website availability and confirm.
If the website status checker receives an error code, another test server in a different location immediately sends a request.
If this test server receives an error, the website is reported as unavailable at the time of the first error. The second confirmed error sends out an alert that your site has an availability issue.
Website availability monitoring resumes at intervals of one minute.